Our Silly Story

How it all began

Opened in 1932 as Capt'n Fred's Inlet Fishing Station, it was purchased in the 1940's by two fisherwomen, Sylvia and Lilian. The station stayed the same, but the name became Silly Lily Fishing Station and has stayed that way ever since. So there you have it.

Silvia and Lilian started Silly Lily Fishing Station and began its long lived history. As one of the last standing fishing stations in the country, Silly Lily is still carrying on the same magical traditions since it opened in 1932.

The Big Question

What's a fishing station

Fishing on the south shore of Long Island has always been a fisherman's paradise. The cool clear waters attracted folks from all parts of the northeast for the spectacular fishing here. From flounder, to Fluke to Striped bass, the fishing was bountiful for all.

Back in the day, the south shore was speckled with fishing stations. These were wonderful little bait shops that rented old leaky wooden dories to adventure seekers who wanted get out on the bay for a day and catch some fish, go clamming, crabbing or just relax on the sandy shores of Long Islands barrier islands.

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Ok, got it

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